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        Upcoming Events

  Tuesday, 9/2, 14:00
EBA Life Insurance Committee
EBA office in Kyiv
1-st floor, 1A Andriyivsky Uzviz

Tuesday, 9/2, 16:00
EBA Health Care Committee Registration Subcommittee
EBA office in Kyiv
1-st floor, 1A Andriyivsky Uzviz

Wednesday, 10/2, 11:00
Seminar: Typed Workflow: Control, Optimization and Cost Reduction - with the EBA information support - EBA Dnipropetrovsk Branch
Grand Hotel Ukraine
2 Korolenko St, Dnipropetrovsk

Wednesday, 10/2, 17:00
EBA Tax Committee - EBA Kharkiv Branch
Axioma Company, office 183
39 Sumska St, Kharkiv
  Thursday, 11/2, 16:00
EBA HR Committee Meeting - EBA Zhytomyr Branch
Sberbank of Russia, conference hall
10 Peremogy Sq, Zhytomyr

Thursday, 11/2, 17:00
EBA Real Estate Committee
EBA office in Kyiv
1-st floor, 1A Andriyivsky Uzviz

Friday, 12/2, 9:30
EBA Customs Committee
EBA office in Kyiv
1-st floor, 1A Andriyivsky Uzviz

Friday, 12/2, 9:30
EBA Branch Board meeting - EBA Donetsk Branch
Donbass Palace Hotel
80 Artema St, Donetsk

Friday, 12/2, 15:00
EBA Branch Board meeting - EBA Odesa Branch
FORTIS, TC Afina, office 602
3/4 Gretska Sq, Odesa
  Friday, 12/2, 15:00
EBA Wine Tasting Party - EBA Odesa Branch
Wine Tasting Hall «Massandra»
2 Kateryninska St, Odesa

Monday, 15/2, 16:00
EBA Health Care Committee Annual General Meeting
Hotel Vozdvyzhensky
60 Vozdvyzhenska St

Monday, 15/2, 17:00
EBA Intellectual Property Committee
EBA office in Kyiv
1-st floor, 1A Andriyivsky Uzviz

Monday, 15/2, 17:00
EBA Marketing Committee - EBA Western Ukrainian Branch
EBA Office in Lviv
6 S.Bandery St, office 3

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        Business Leaders Talk

Throughout the year the EBA will be interviewing its members and business leaders and publishing an exciting series of articles to offer opinion, thought and analysis on the key issues in Ukraine. As 2010 begins, we start by asking what our members think will happen in year ahead.

  In an insightful and interesting interview - EBA Board Member Dario Marchetti gives us his predictions for 2010.

Name: Dario Marchetti
Nationality: Italian
Vocation: General Manager (Danone Diary) Ukraine & Belarus
Connection: EBA Board Member
Background: Having lived and worked in 10 countries, Dario has many years experience working in leading positions, previously at Kellogs and since 2000 with Danoe Dairy. He is credited with inventing/launching the famous Kellogs ‘two week challenge’ and he has been working in Ukraine since January 2009. He holds a Master of International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA. Dario enjoys sports, cooking and travelling.

1. What is the most alarming trend facing the Ukrainian economy today?
The biggest and most alarming trend is the increase in unpredictability. It affects three main areas; in the economic area, it is very hard to predict some of the bad news but also some of the good news. If you had told people in October/November (when most of use were doing our budgets) that the currency would stabilize - it would have seemed impossible. However, the outlook now is that it will stabilize. On the political side, the number of laws that are enacted, de-enacted, ignored and cancelled makes business very hard to predict – even with something as simple as packaging. The last area is social – it is very hard to imagine the country remaining dysfunctional forever. It is true that Ukrainians have a tremendous amount of patience but even today there are many people who would welcome a more ‘Putin-style’ system than they have here. In many ways, we’re going through the Yeltsin years here and, whilst every country has gone through them - it is not sustainable. There will become a point when businesses will not be able to survive the unpredictability and either the government will have to change things, or change will happen bottom-up.

2. What will be the biggest Ukrainian success in 2010?
First of all, it will be to have a government. I think that, removing the unpredictable question of ‘who will be in the government?’ will be a success. A failure or ‘worst case’ scenario would be if the vote is too close and it is challenged by one side or the other through tents, demonstrations or whatever. The real success will be that one side wins, the other side recognizes it, one side enters government and the other side enters in opposition and it’s followed by Parliamentary elections where the same thing happens. For me, that would be the biggest success.

3. What direction will the Ukrainian stock market move, and what kind of returns (if any) do you predict?
How low can you go? That is the question. My opinion is that the Stock Market is exactly like the country - unpredictable. If you entered the Market in November/December – you’re seeing growth from last year. However, It’s a gamble, for me – it’s like going to the Casino.

4. What should be the first priority for the new Ukrainian President?
The first priority for the new Ukrainian President is to set the priorities. One of them needs to be corruption and the second one must be to gain a working majority in the Parliament. There can no longer be a system
  where the President cancels the work of the Parliament and the Parliament cancels the work of the President. This is one of the causes of unpredictability. A law is passed in Parliament and everyone starts lobbying the President and vice-versa and in the end we have complete paralysis.

5. Which business sector will be the 'rising star' in 2010?
The business sector [as a whole] will be the rising star. Well, I think honestly, it will be the business sectors tied to exports. The Hrivna has been devalued and the global economy is picking up and so there is a competitive advantage despite the lack of investment, corruption etc. Also, there will be some local opportunities as, during the crisis, many companies became ‘leaner’. They have been able to keep prices consistent and therefore, they will benefit.

6. Which emerging world economy is the best bet for investors?
I would place my bets on Brazil. China, I think it’s overvalued because everyone already knows about it. Also, it’s very hard to do business in China. There are some successes, Kentucky Fried Chicken etc but it’s very tough. Danone has a huge amount of factories and workers there [in China] but even for us, we had big issues with our partner last year and we had to separate form them – it’s tough. Russia we all know, Russia is a good bet but it depends 100% on the price of Oil. India is a good bet but also has problems with corruption. So, for me – I would go Brazil. It has a good natural resource base, it’s diversified, it has a huge lower-class that’s moving into the middle-class and they’ve found Oil. Crime is a problem but I think Brazil can tackle it and some successes have already been seen.

7. What will be the 'must have' item in Ukraine in 2010?
Aspirin and patience. I say Aspirin because in 2010 Ukraine will give you as many headaches as it did in 2009. If you’re looking for gadgets, I’d say GPS – that’s been a real success but, the way the roads are going - it might be a 4x4 and a spare tyre!

8. What is the best Ukrainian asset to own in 2010?
Patience. I would say the people and patience – the patient people.

9. Global warming: fact or fiction? How much money and effort should the Ukrainian invest in emissions cuts?
For Danone it’s a fact. We already invested in Ukraine in this, we have cut our emissions by 20% in the factory and a large part of my bonus is tied to this. Many of our stock-holders are very socially responsible - French pension funds etc. Also, our President/CEO is almost more committed to the social than the economic. He has chosen to invest in environmental protection and we support this.

10. Will Ukraine be ready for the 2012 Football Championships?
I think it won’t be 100% ready but there will be 2012. Once FIFA have made a public commitment – it’s invested too much to pull back. Maybe they will cancel a city and it won’t be 100% but it will happen.

11. What will be the biggest surprise of 2010 in Ukraine?
I would be most surprised to see, or should I say, I would hope that the new Ukrainian President would be the biggest surprise and that it would be a positive one. The political instability is weighing on the economic predictability – on everything. I’m sure there are many companies who have decided not to invest in Ukraine just because of the political crisis.

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        Hit of the Next Week

  16 February 2010
EBA Business Battle – Spring League 2010

  Win EU vacation for you and your colleagues!

Use your brain-power, utilise your business expertise and challenge your nerve in the EBA Business Battle – Spring League 2010! The EBA Business Battles are fun and challenging series of events for staff teams of EBA members.

Entry requirements:

  - Teams: Must consist of 6 members (all employees of a single EBA Member Company);
  - Team Captains: Captains must come from the companies TOP-Management.

Registration is free and teams can join by completing the registration form and emailing it back to events@eba.com.ua before 12 February 2010.

If you wish to watch/cheer/support the teams please register at events@eba.com.ua.

Plus! You could find fame and fortune! This game of the Spring League of the 2010 Business Battle will be filmed by a professional TV crew and if it goes well, televised Business Battle could become the hottest thing on TV! Please note that the game will only be played in Ukrainian/Russian.

Need more information? Call us at +380 44 496 0601, you are welcome to contact Kateryna Dermenzhi.

Sponsorship and promotional offers are available for this event. If you would like to support us and promote your company/organisation – please email: Yuliya Melnyk at events@eba.com.ua.

20 February 2010
EBA Basketball Tournament 2010

  Calling all Basketball players! Can you slam-dunk like Michael Jordan? Or blind pass like a 1976 Pete 'Pistol' Maravich? Do your colleagues laugh in the face of pressure, thrive on excitement and get a kick out of winning? Then, maybe, you have what it takes to become the EBA Basketball Champions of 2010!!

Registration for the EBA Basketball Tournament 2010 that will take place on Saturday, 20 February, 10:00 in The National University of Food Technologies (29A Nauky Square, Kyiv) is now open to all teams wishing to participate.
Entrance Fee per team:

So, if you and your colleagues would like to join us for an active and exciting day of sports and camaraderie then sign-up today using the registration form. Entries must be submitted before 12 February, 12:00 at events@eba.com.ua.

Sponsorship and promotional offers are available for this event. If you would like to support us and promote your company/organisation – please email: Yuliya Melnyk at events@eba.com.ua.

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        General Meetings Update

  8 February 2010
EBA Business Morning with Acting Head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, Mr Oleksandr Melnychenko

  The EBA was pleased to host another successful Business Morning and to discuss issues important for the business community with Acting Head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) - Mr Oleksandr Melnychenko.

After re-affirming his support for transparency and competition, Mr Melnychenko went on to discuss the work of the AMCU whilst outlining many of the limitations and restrictions the committee faces. Mr Melnychenko touched on important issues such as Borispol Airport, air fuel competition and anti-competitive behaviour in the Ukrainian gas markets.

Mr Melnychenko answered a number of questions from the audience, defended the use of Peoples Courts over other forms of arbitration and offered to work as a
  willing partner with the EBA and its members. Mr Melnychenko encouraged any members seeking advice or guidance or wishing to lodge a complaint to write to the AMCU.

We express our thanks to partners:

Main Event Partner: Event partner:
Unilever Ukraine Repriza

6 February 2010
EBA ad-hoc meeting with Adina-Ioana Valean, Member of the European Parliament

  The EBA would like to thank Mrs Adina-Ioana Valean MEP for meeting with its members on Saturday 6 February 2010. Mrs Valean was in Ukraine as part of the European Unions election monitoring delegation and took time from her busy schedule to meet and discuss the elections and the business climate in Ukraine.

Mrs Valean has been an MEP since 2007 and, as well as sitting on the EU/Ukraine Parliamentary Committee, she also sits on the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

The meeting was incredibly productive and provided a forum for the EBA members to discuss their thoughts
  and opinions directly with an elected representative of the European Parliament.

Mrs Valean’s knowledge and interest in both industry and in this region and the input from our members and business leaders made for an interesting and constructive dialogue and the EBA looks forward to creating ever-closer relationships with the EU institutions in the future.

The EBA extends its gratitude to Mrs Valean and to those members who participated in the meeting.

The event was hosted at and supported by the staff of Opera Hotel, Kiev who helped to make the event such a success.

4 February 2010
In close-up: EBA meeting with Ministry of Economy on Public Procurement

  On 4 February 2010 there was a meeting with the Ministry of Economy held at the EBA office. The main topic of the meeting was discussion of legislative regulation of public procurement procedures. Particular attention was drawn to recent changes in this regulation. Just to recap, on 8 December the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued the Resolution No. 1335. In particular with this Resolution the Government changed the Procedure of Public Procurement approved by the Resolution No. 921 dated 17 October 2007. These new regulations basically eliminated involvement of any intermediates like official representatives who are not the procedures of the goods to tenders for public procurement. The Ministry of Economy informed that right after the adoption of this Resolution they received numerous written complaints from subjects of economic activity as for the new regulations. According to the Ministry, this was taken into account and the new Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Amending the Regulation on Public Procurement No. 51 dated 27 January 2010 was issued. In view of respective changes, it was envisaged that public procurement is to be carried out from domestic producers and in case there are no domestic producers/providers in Ukraine – from non-resident producers/providers or their representatives, dealers, distributors.

The EBA pointed out necessity to adopt the separate special Law for regulation of public procurement sphere. The Ministry of Economy stressed that the Draft Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement No 2263-1 dated 12 May 2008 (please also see our previous messages with this regard) was being considered by the Parliament and was planed to be voted in second reading on 11 February 2010. This Draft was elaborated by the Ministry of Economy back in May 2008.

Answering the EBA question as for necessity to balance the rights of both domestic and non-resident

producers as for their rights to participate in tenders for public procurement, the Ministry informed that they had no plans as for making respective changes to the Resolution No. 921, but at the same time the Draft Law of Ukraine on Public Procurement No 2263-1 didn't include such discriminating provision.

Also guest of the meeting informed that the Ministry of Economy was in process of elaborating the draft standard tender documentation and the draft Strategy for Development of Electronic Tenders. It was also said by the Ministry that they expected the Draft Law No. 2263-1 to be adopted by the end of 2010. There was also update made with regard to international cooperation in the sphere of public procurement. In particular, it was said that there is the instruction to the Ministry of Economy to start negotiations with World Trade Organisation for carrying out cooperation in sphere of public procurement by the end of 2010.

Such negotiations are already being carried out with the European Free Trade Association (its members are Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein), Republic of Singapore and Canada.

Also negotiations in part of public procurement are carried out for signing the Free Trade Agreement.

8 February 2010
Update: foreigners' taxation

  On 8 February the EBA representatives held another round of negotiations with Deputy Head of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine (STAU) Mr. Serhiy Lekar, Head of the STAU International Relations Department Yurii Gladun and Head of the STAU Division for Citizens' Appeals Review of Personal Income Tax Department Mrs. Tetyana Dobrodiy, where the issue of foreigners’ income taxation was discussed.

In follow-up of the previous meetings the EBA had with Mr. Lekar it was agreed that the STAU would issue
  the tax clarification settling certain issues faced in practice by the EBA members.

Thus at the meeting on 8 February the EBA handed the results of the poll we had carried out among the EBA members collecting practical issues they face in terms of foreigners’ income taxation as well as proposals on their settlement.

The EBA had agreed to provide Sehiy Lekar with structured EBA members’ feedback at the meeting held on 26 January 2010 at the EBA office. As a result of negotiations the STAU will elaborate on methodical recommendations regulating some uncertainties caused by recent tax clarifications on the subject.

4 February 2010
Meeting with the Organisation for economic co-operation and development

  The EBA leadership met with the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) to discuss future co-operation under the framework of the OECD's Sector Competitiveness Strategy for Ukraine.

The EBA had been consulted during the launch of the OECD strategy which has been created as part of the OECD's Eurasia Competitiveness Program.

Launched in 2008, the Eurasia Competitiveness Programme is a regional programme that contributes to economic growth in Central Asia (CA) and the South Caucasus and Ukraine (SCU). OECD experts work

closely with governments, the private sector and civil society to design and implement tools and instruments that will lead to policy reforms and improve the business climate.

The EBA looks forward to working closely with the OECD and further news of our co-operation will be announced as it develops.

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        Committee Meetings update

  2 February 2010
EBA Health Care Committee Medical Devices Subcommittee
Among the discussion points participants of the meeting up-dated all the latest Subcommittee initiatives and discussed the further steps in regard to priorities realisation. In this regard, participants dwelt on the cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Health on adherence to ACAA.

Participants were also informed on the prospective cooperation with the State Inspection on Medical Drugs and Medical Devices Quality Control on the development of the procedure of medical devices quality control (vigilance).

Besides, the meeting was dedicated to the on the status and progress on the development of the Draft Law of Ukraine on Medical Devices, which was rejected by the State Department on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship. At the end of the meeting Subcommittee’s participants were informed on next scheduled meeting in March 2010.

2 February 2010
EBA Corporate Governance Working Group
The meeting was devoted to discussion of Draft Law on Limited Liability Companies. Participants of the meeting considered the existing legislative initiatives related to Limited Liability Companies. Active work on improvement of the Draft Law on Limited Liability Companies No. 5507 is being carried out by members of working group, which functions under the State Agency on Investment and Innovations. The EBA Corporate Governance Working Group members considered certain provisions of the Draft and lively debated them.
  3 February 2010
EBA Currency Regulation Working Group
At the meeting we’ve discussed problems of existing currency regulation rules according to the Law on Amending Certain Laws of Ukraine Aiming at Overcoming Negative Impact of Financial Crisis No. 1533-VI. Since this Law has been already discussed by EBA members in December 2009, there was a short follow-up made on agreements reached at the previous meeting with this regard.

4 February 2010
EBA Tax Committee
On the meeting the EBA Tax Committee members discussed the Strategy of the Tax System Reformation Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution No. 1612-p dated 23 December 2009. Also the committee members.

5 February 2010
EBA Dairy Committee meeting
At the meeting the EBA member companies engaged in production of dairy products agreed to establish the EBA Dairy Committee. The participants of the meeting elaborated on the long-term and short-term priorities to be focused on in 2010 and elected the Committee Chairman. Thus Dario Marchetti, General Manager of Danone was elected as the Committee Chairman.

Also the Committee members discussed an the activity plan for approaching the set priorities.

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        Analytical Reviews

  ANK Law Firm
- List of the Objects of the State Price Control, 2/2010

Ernst & Young
- International Financial Reporting Standards - European investment fund survey, 1/2010
- Lessons from change, 2/2010

- Magisters Commentary: Validity of Tax Gross-Up Clauses Questioned, 2/2010

PBN Company
- Ukraine Election Update, 2/2010

- Banking Banana Skins 2010, 2/2010
- Salans News: Corporate / M&A, 2/2010

Spenser & Kauffmann Law Firm

Those interested in getting acquainted with varied experience of our members and reading their analytical reviews, please go here to view all the reports available.

If your company would like to have its analytical reviews posted on our website, please do not hesitate to contact the EBA office.

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        Information Partnership

  May 1 - October 31 2010
Expo 2010 Shanghai

Ukraine like the rest of the 200 world countries takes part in the international exhibition Expo 2010 Shanghai, which will be held for 6 months (from May 1 to October 31, 2010).

If you know Eiffel Tower in Paris, Crystal Gardens in London or the Space Needle in Seattle, you already know about the World Expo. All these buildings were built for world exhibitions. In 2010, the World Expo will be held in Shanghai (China), and the Chinese government will try to exceed all previous Expo’s, investing over 3 Billion Euros in the construction of new Expocity with total area of 5.28 square. km in the center of Shanghai.

24-26 February 2010
IV International Ecological Forum “Eco Solutions – new technologies”
European Business Association as information partner along with organizing committee of the Exhibition center “LEMBERG” invites you to take part in IV International Ecological Forum “Eco Solutions – new technologies”, which will be held on 24-26 of February, 2010 in Lviv.

International Ecological Forum “ECO Solutions – New Technologies” is directed on promotion of world’s newest technologies into the ecology sphere of Ukraine.
  20 February 2010
Kyiv Lions Club Burns Night

Kyiv Lions Club Burns Night - Saturday, February 20th, 2010 - Acco International
For 15 years, Kyivans have made observing the birthday of Scottish poet Robert Burns the party of the year, and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity in the process. The Kyiv Lions annual Burns Night event is a night of laughter, music, and surprises – not to mention a fine meal including haggis! Free Scotch whiskey and other favorite libations keep the atmosphere festive into the wee hours.

24-30 April 2010
IV Ukrainian seminar “Responsible leadership”
VICTOR PINCHUK FOUNDATION announces the IV Ukrainian seminar “Responsible leadership” of the Aspen-Ukraine Program - April 24 – 30, 2010 Crimea, Ukraine
Successful applicants: achieved considerable results in business, politics, government and public services, science and the arts; are active citizens; open to the search of new meanings, solutions; aged from 30 to 55.

24-30 April 2010
Carnivalia 2010
We are getting close to February 13th. Coming to Carnivalia is also a great way to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.
And if you have messed up on your New Year’s resolutions, you will have a 2nd chance: we will also celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year with the Chinese Ambassador and Chinese music.

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        News from the EC

  News from the EC  

  Statement by High Representative Catherine Ashton on the pre-electoral situation in Ukraine
Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the Commission made today the following statement on the pre-electoral situation in Ukraine: "I am following closely developments in Ukraine in the run up to the second round of presidential elections on Sunday. I welcome the commitment to the democratic process demonstrated by the Ukrainian people in the first round of elections in January.

EU-funded training programme to contribute to civil servants understanding
On February 9th, 2010, training on ENPI issues for the staff of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine will be organized at the premises of the Ministry at 24 Khreschatyk Str. in Kyiv. The training takes place within the project "Training and briefing on ENPI issues in Ukraine", that Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI implements with funding from the European Union.

Support small firms while tackling the crisis, say MEPs and experts
Small firms have been hard hit by the economic crisis, and so must be given incentives and support, including easier access to credit, help with innovation, tax breaks and less red tape, MEPs on Parliament's Special Committee on the Financial, Economic and Social Crisis (CRIS), and experts agreed at a workshop on Monday. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), “represent the backbone of the European economy, provide most jobs and are the most creative. They therefore contribute considerably to the EU's success”, declared Special Committee Chairman Wolf Klinz (ALDE, DE), opening the workshop on the impact of the crisis on SMEs.
  The EU and Central America agree on a work programme with the aim of finalising an Association Agreement in May
Commercial negotiators from Central American countries and from the European Commission concluded an informal three-day meeting at which they agreed a work schedule with a view to finalising an Association Agreement in May. The work plan includes a video conference between Central American countries on 15 February and a coordination meeting in Brussels on 18, 19 and 20 February, prior to a round of EU-Central America negotiations from 22 to 26 February attended by the negotiators of the three chapters contained in the Agreement: trade, political dialogue and cooperation.

EIB lends EUR 115.5 million for environmental and small and medium-sized investments in Ukraine
The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending EUR 15.5 million to upgrade water supply and wastewater treatment in the City of Mykolayiv (southern Ukraine) and EUR 100 million to finance small and medium-sized investments in the areas of SMEs, energy efficiency and the environment in Ukraine. The loan of EUR 15.5 million will finance the rehabilitation and modernisation of water supply and wastewater collection and treatment facilities in the City of Mykolayiv, which has over half a million inhabitants.

Gender equality on the European agenda
Ministers and top-level political representatives from the EU will be taking part in the European “Women in Power” summit in Cadiz on 3 February, which will be opened by the First Vice-president of the Spanish Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, the Minister of Equality, Bibiana Aido, and the United Kingdom's Minister for Women and Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman.

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        News from the Members

  1 February 2010
AstapovLawyers promotes Senior Associate to Partner
AstapovLawyers is pleased to announce that Ms. Oksana Kneychuk was appointed as a Partner ofAstapovLawyers’ Kyiv office, effective January 1, 2010.

1 February 2010
Spenser & Kauffmann Announces New Counsels
Spenser & Kauffmann is pleased to announce the appointment of Ruslan Shevchuk and Igor Chernyshenko as new Counsels to the firm, effective February 1, 2010.

2 February 2010
Sayenko Kharenko – legal counsel on USD 789,4 million Eurobond placement for VTB Leasing Ukraine
Sayenko Kharenko acted as a Ukrainian legal counsel to VTB Capital plc, the arranger and sole dealer with respect to USD 789,4 million floating rate amortising secured notes due 2019 issued by Wisbech Pineapple plc.

2 February 2010
Olga Willard Named CEO of Willard Kyiv
Olga Willard, currently executive vice president at Willard, who has held account leader and strategic planner positions in several agencies over the last decade, has been named chief executive officer of Willard Ukraine, an integrated marketing and communications company.

2 February 2010
Role of audit is crucial for Ukraine’s continuing economic development
ACCA initiated this discussion because of the increasing public interest in the work of auditors in current economic conditions around the world.

2 February 2010
DTZ surpassed stiff competition to scoop the prestigious ‘Best of Kyiv’ Award held by Kyiv Post
DTZ are very pleased to announce winning the “Best Real Estate Agency” category at the ninth annual “Best of Kyiv” awards held by Kyiv Post.

1 February 2010
Magisters Announces Three Counsel Promotions
Magisters, a leading CIS-based law firm, has announced the promotion of three lawyers, Oksana Ilchenko, Georgy Osipov and Oleksandr Sklyarenko, to Counsel position in its Kyiv and Moscow offices.

2 February 2010
Global corporates are tiptoeing cautiously into 2010 - But a significant minority planning for aggressive growth
A comprehensive survey of senior executives at nearly 900 major companies worldwide by Ernst & Young reveals a very different business environment.

2 February 2010
Brazil, Russia, India, China to see unprecedented expansion of electricity usage
The four BRIC countries expect to see electricity consumption soar in the next decade, jumping around 80 percent from current levels to an annual total of 9,300 TWh, studies by KPMG’s Global Advisory practice (RC), reveal today.

28 January 2010
Lewis Named PR Director at Pulse
Scott H. Lewis has been named director of public relations at Pulse, where he will develop a full-service public relations practice within the nation’s largest marketing services company.

1 February 2010
Business Goes On Despite Political Change, Pulse Executives Tell Russian TV
Foreign-owned companies doing business in Ukraine will not likely notice any appreciable difference between a Viktor Yanukovich or Yulia Tymoshenko presidency, according to two top executives of Pulse, Ltd.

4 February 2010
Avis summed up year results
In the frames of annual Board Meeting that took place on January 15, 2010 Avis Ukraine summed up company’s work results in 2009.

4 February 2010
CEOs’ Confidence Rebounds in Recession’s Wake, Quick Recovery in Emerging Economies
Nearly 40% of CEOs plan to increase workforce in 2010. 81% of CEOs are confident of their prospects for the next 12 months.
  2 February 2010
Pioneer Hi-Bred Introduces Additional Measures to Authenticate Seed
Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont business, today introduced additional measures which will help protect Pioneer customers while helping to ensure they receive genuine Pioneer® brand seed.

2 February 2010
AstapovLawyers advised GreenCo on international restructuring and sale transaction
Mr. Oleh Malskyy, head of AstapovLawyers M&A and corporate practice, together with its team and international structuring partner Ms. Oksana Kneychuk has advised leading national waste management company GreenCo on international restructuring and sale transaction.

2 February 2010
ThyssenKrupp Energostal S.A. seeks advice on corporate matter, structuring and insolvency proceeding from AstapovLawyers
International steel and technology leader ThyssenKrupp has engaged AstapovLawyers for a number of legal matters relating to its activities in Ukraine.

4 February 2010
AstapovLawyers’ debt recovery advice to Avery Dennison
Mr. Oleh Malskyy, head of AstapovLawyers’ M&A and corporate practice, together with its team has provided complex advice to Avery Denisson on debt recovery in Ukraine.

4 February 2010
ILF has initiated a seminar "Recent changes in land legislation. A simplified procedure for acquiring rights for land"
On the 18 of February 2010 ILF will organize a seminar "Recent changes in land legislation. A simplified procedure for acquiring rights for land” in Kharkiv.

4 February 2010
Political interference ‘now the greatest risk facing - the global banking industry’ - ‘Banana Skins’ poll identifies top threats to banks
The greatest risk now facing the banking industry is not financial but political, according to the latest ‘Banking Banana Skins’ survey conducted by the CSFI in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

4 February 2010
DTZ : Real estate market outcome in 2009 and company results
DTZ – leading real estate consultant in Ukraine announced the company year results and characterized Ukrainian real estate market in 2009.

4 February 2010
"PricewaterhouseCoopers Ukraine (PwC)" invites you to Successful Presentations – Combination of Preparation and Skills training course to be held on 18 February 2010 in Donetsk
Why important? Growing competition entails tightening demands to business. One of the ways to ensure success is a presentation – a professional ability to establish contacts, present goods or services and speak in front of different audiences.

5 February 2010
Humer Hypertonic - natural remedy against common cold
In January 2010 Delta Medical introduced on the Ukrainian market a long-awaited new natural product for effective and safe elimination of stuffiness in nose and restoration of nasal breathing – Humer Hypertonic (Laboratoires URGO, France).

8 February 2010
European investment funds failing to reap benefits of IFRS
Despite the G20’s call for the setting up of high-quality global accounting standards, there is little evidence that International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are being embraced by the European investment fund industry and its supervisors, finds a new Ernst & Young survey.

8 February 2010
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ukraine – winner of “AGROBRAND 2010”
Pioneer Hi-Bred Ukraine, a DuPont business, won the “Agro-brand 2010” award for “Producer of agricultural crop seeds”.

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